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Prints, originals and Greetings Cards

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Check out our collection today.

We have originals for sale for all of our prints. Your prints will look as much like an original as we can make it -no one will know the difference

Email or call me to discuss what you love about Jam Tart Art
Do you have a design spec ? I will bespoke it !
Do you want an original  Abstract Acrylic of any size ?
Tell me your colours and it will be done to match your decor

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Greetings Cards

Are you tired of every day cards? Choose your favourite design from the site and we can produce packs of Greetings Cards of the same or mixed designs

Greetings cards mixed pack of 5

Painting Curation Services

Custom Framing


Joe the Jellyfish

Joe the Jellyfish is a popular guy 
He is divorced with two sons whom he sees at the weekends or half terms and holidays
He has an imaginary friend called Jayjay who often lets him down
Life is lonely at sea !

Our Experts Can Handle It

As a professional Online Art Shop, we believe that buying art should be fun, exciting and enjoyable. This service is designed to meet the needs of art buyers, and help them find the inspiration to come away with a piece they absolutely love. Shop with us today for a convenient and satisfying experience.

Customized to Your Liking

At ARTJAMTART, we know finding that perfect piece of artwork isn’t always easy, and is often overshadowed by the long-term commitment and significant price tag. Our Custom Framing services make sure you come away with exactly what you want. Find out more about how this service can help connect you with the art you love.

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"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy


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