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Jun 18, 2022
In Welcome to the Arts Forum
If you want to have a good eye vision, the focus to start with should be on the macular which is responsible for providing good vision to our eyes. When we grow older and older, the cells in and around the macular get degenerated and thus losing the lutein deposit leading to damage. This is called age related molecular disease or AMD. Many times it happens not relating to age also. Accordingly one has to be careful not to fall pray to age alone to take care of this. Since our body cannot synthesis lutein, we should resort to external sources only. Broccoli, spinach and various fruits have lutein in it. However practically you cannot take every day in and day out all these in your palate. The best option is to choose the right natural nutrition supplement. I have enough of experience to advocate for holistic approach to eye vision. It is not the macular alone but the entire spectrum of eyes has to be taken care not only by lutein but by hosts of nutrition. In this way you will get synergy. I take daily 100 mg of lutein along with other 70 natural herbs and salts to protect my eyes. For me vision with lutein is magnified to a large extent. Go and visit my website and I am sure you landed in the right place to make right choice.
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